Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Loving feeling of snoopy e card

Snoopy e card is made in 2007 to its right in December two years ago. I remember one person who is snoopy e card send this to me. I know there is someone who falls in love and give to my snoopy e card

Proudly present of snoopy e card

Snoopy e card this one is made by using color pencil made of wax, because the snoopy e card is slightly thick and clear. Snoopy e card is made with short by a class my friend. He present his mother with snoopy e card

It's a snoopy e card

Snoopy e card this one is penyemangat make us very happy snoopy because its looks, then snoopy open attitude is also very beautiful when included in the snoopy e card

Friendship at snoopy e card

Friendship happens in snoopy snoopy e card between the uncle botond very intimate one. Uncle jimmy dote snoopy, photos until they both made a snoopy e card to attract other people. Snoopy e card is the property of private uncle jimmy

Turn back snoopy e card

Snoopy e cards are turn back the body so that the heads have snoopy under foot while snoopy above. Snoopy e card is a picture that is not good when at the same tiru young children, is dangerous because what do snoopy

Monday, June 29, 2009

Snoopy riding motorcycle

Snoopy e card with a picture of snoopy look so gentle because he is a very big motor, I even kind of a big motor can not climb it. Snoopy-style such as aspiration may want to be snoopy motorcycle drivers, so in this snoopy e card, snoopy practice seriously.


Snoopy e cards made by friend

Snoopy e card is made by my friend the hobby make snoopy e card because he was like that once with snoopy can behave different. Snoopy e made this card as the form of a diary with the lock button three units. I wanted to have this snoopy e card [via]